Discovering Your Life Purpose

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Life is more meaningful if you have a purpose. It can also become a lot simpler if you know what goal you’re working towards fulfilling. Even if you’ve never considered your purpose in life, it’s not too late. It’s worth your time to figure it out. Make each day living an enjoyable and worthwhile day.

Follow these steps to determine your purpose:

  1. Believe that you have a meaningful purpose. If you believe that life has no meaning and that you have no sense, you’ll never find your purpose. The first step is always belief. Be positive that you have a purpose and that you’re going to discover it.

  2. Know your values. Your values can provide significant clues to your purpose. If your most important values are contribution, kindness, and honesty, it will be very different from your most important values: success, popularity, and money.

● Take a moment to make a list of your values and prioritize them according to what’s most important to you.

3. What gives you energy? Ask yourself these questions:

What activities give you the most energy?

What are those things that you love to talk about and learn about?

What do you love to do that allows the hours to fly by?

What makes you feel alive?

What excites you?

4. What and whom do you admire? Consider: What achievements do you admire? Is it building a successful business? What qualities do you admire? Mental toughness? Contribution? Who do you admire the most? Is it a historical figure? Your neighbor? Why do you respect these people? 5. Consider the end of your life. Imagine you’re at the end of your life: What are you likely to regret?

What would make you happy about the life you’ve lived?

What would make you feel the most regret?

Now is the time to create and live a life that will maximize your happiness and minimize your regret. 6. Describe your ideal life. How does your ideal life appear to you? What would be your perfect day? Your purpose in life will mesh well with your ideal life. When you know one, the other becomes more obvious.

7. When were you the happiest? Think back on your life to this point. When did you experience the most significant amount of happiness? How can you use that information to find your purpose?

8. What makes you cry? Is it watching someone overcome great adversity? Is it one of those commercials with the abused cats and dogs? Anything that brings about strong emotions can provide a clue to your purpose.

9. Which of the following feels most relevant to you? Read this list and see which resonates the most with you. Maximizing the happiness of others Minimizing the pain and discomfort of others Maximizing your expertise at a particular skill or in a specific field Maximizing your experiences Maximizing your resources Being famous 10. Which of these feels the best for you? We’re not talking about which one sounds the most proper or ethical to you, but which one feels outstanding when you think about it? Defining what makes you happy also allows you to see a little further in figuring out your life goals.

If you don’t know your purpose in life, now is the time to figure it out. The recent pandemic has only driven home the fact that life is short. Why live another day without a well-defined direction? It’s an excellent opportunity to reorient your life and your priorities.

Discover your purpose today. Your life can be different.

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