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What is sisterhood?

As a woman of color, I have taken the time to acknowledge the fact that not only could it be difficult to feel or be heard in today's society. But I can also recognize the disconnect from the sisterhood. Having a sense of connection and belonging is essential to all women and girls, incredibly isolated and alone.

There is no better feeling than having a solid sense of friendship and support. Growing up, I never fully understood the meaning of sisterhood but going through this thing called life, I realized that I genuinely enjoy the value of friendships and maintaining relationships. All my life, I have struggled with depression, up and downs, achievements, failures, and at one point, I thought I lost a little bit of who I was. Over the last few years, I have taken the time to take care of myself, and it was the best decision I could have made. Through that process, my circle got smaller, my ideas got bigger, I stood a little taller, and I finally discovered that I had a voice! 

Speak your vibe help women of color entrepreneurs discover their inner magic giving them the drive to amplify their message through effective communication and leadership, nurturing their most important relationships, and building a thriving business.


Gina Franks

What Can I Help You With?

Working at Outdoor Cafe


- Onine assessment

-1:1 coaching

-Define your niche

-Roadmap/flow map to implement message

- Marketing

-Support during the process

- Be heard, loud and proud 

Candle Store Owner

Small Businesses

- Online assemment/business assemment

-1:1 coaching

-Redine niche and message

- Marketing assessment

- Team work implmentation

-Build connections

-Be heard

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Extra Services

-Business set up by state

( licenses, LLC, etc)s

-Financial Consulting

-Credit/Business credit solutions

-Indidiviual/business tax prep/consulting

-Coaching Packages avaulable

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